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National Urban Forestry Unit to open after 10 years
The National Urban Forestry Unit (NUFU) is bringing the lastes news on Urban forestry see hwat's new

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  CS 02: Greening of strategic transport corridors
  Trees matter! (summary)
  Trees or Turf? (main report)
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Frank, lively and informative discussions about all aspects of urban forestry.

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Revised NUFU website
What do you think of the new website? Are the forums useful? What else would you like to see trees matter
Drought and trees
A report due from the Royal Parks says that at least 300 mature trees have died during the summer's hot weather. Have trees under your management been affected too? What strategies did you employ to deal with the record-breaking temperatures?
Economic benefits of street greenery
Where can I go to find out some actual evidence that demonstrates the economic benefits of street trees and other urban greenery? Its something that would be massively useful to have to hand!

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