Urban Forestry

There is a growing recognition that trees and woods provide a whole variety of benefits which are particularly important to the quality of life for the millions of people who live and work in urban areas. These include:-

Urban environment: trees can save up to 10% of energy consumption through their moderation of local climate. They also stabilise soil, prevent erosion, reduce the effects of air pollution and storm-water run-off and aid land reclamation.

Healthier lives: trees have a positive impact on the incidence of asthma, skin cancer and stress-related illness by filtering polluted air, reducing smog formation, shading out solar radiation and by providing an attractive, calming setting for recreation.

Community: trees strengthen neighbourhood communities by providing people with an opportunity to work together for the benefit of the local environment.

Wildlife: trees play a vital role in the urban ecosystem, by helping to support a great variety of wildlife which people can enjoy close to home.

Useful products: even in towns, trees yield traditional products such as timber and fruit, whilst emerging commercial products such as wood chip mulch, renewable fuel and even the chemical extract for an anti-cancer drug are now helping to finance urban tree and woodland management.

Landscape: trees soften the landscape of our towns and cities, making them greener and more attractive.
Local economy: trees help to create jobs, encourage inward investment and they can also increase property values by up to 18%.

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